For my senior project, I worked with Eleven Eleven Salon, a recently opened hair salon in San Luis Obispo, to develop a logo, website, and style guide for them to use. We worked together to create a beautiful, clean aesthetic for their business.
With this project, I wanted to create something that I could be proud of, as well as something that helped a small business.
Logo Design
After stages of editing and refining the logo, I ended up with two final versions.
The wordmark logo uses Special Elite as the typewriter typeface, and Aktiv Grotesk as the typeface for the all uppercase "salon".
The monogram logo will be used in place of the wordmark when space is limited, or a more square aspect ratio is required.

The logo is displayed on the windows of Eleven Eleven Salon, on their social media, on their website, etc.

Website Design
The bulk of my time on this project was spent creating the website. I spent a couple of weeks researching, organizing, prototyping, and coming up with the design before starting to code and inputting content. Trends that I found in my research included a minimalist and simple aesthetic, photo-centric layout, and online consultation capabilities.
To determine organization and navigation, I first created a sitemap, then sent it to the salon for approval.
I then created some wireframes in Adobe XD to brainstorm the layout of the site. Once I got them to a place that I liked, I began to choose the typefaces, colors, and styles.

The home page, for mobile and desktop screen sizes.

I decided to build the website in Squarespace, as my client has no knowledge of HTML/CSS code, and I want her to be able to edit the site whenever she needs. However, I still stuck to the design I had created in my wireframes, and was able to customize the CSS of the website. I spent a lot of time writing the CSS so that every element of the site behaved how I wanted it to.
The Final Website
The site is now public and can be viewed at!

The home page is kept simple and elegant, with a large banner image, a link to their Instagram feed, and a link to book an appointment.

The about page serves to tell the salon's story. I included a short description of the salon at the top and then numerous five-star Yelp reviews to scroll through at the bottom.

Displaying all of the salon's services and prices was a challenge. There were too many to include on one page, and I didn't want to overwhelm the user with a grid of words and prices. I opted for a photo-centric layout and split the services into categories.

This is the page that you arrive at once you click on the "color" category of the services page. When you hover over the photo for any service, a description, price, and link to book layover the image. Since you can't hover over the image when viewing the site on a mobile  device, I programmed it so that the descriptions simply appear underneath the photo at that screen size.

A simple contact page displays the salon's phone number, email, and street address. It also has a contact form to send a message directly through the site. The stylists page lists photos, names, and positions of all the salon's employees. Clicking on a stylist's photo brings you to a separate page with a description of their education and specialties, as well as links to their contact information and Instagram.

The online consultation form is a very important feature of the website. This form allows the customer to book an appointment with Eleven Eleven Salon. Form submissions are sent directly to the salon's main email.

Style Guide
To define typography, colors, and logo usage, I created a style guide. This will act as a reference for future editors of the website.
Future Considerations
This entire project was completed with the intention of longevity and usability. Websites are constantly needing to be updated, which is why I chose to create this website in Squarespace and not HTML code. My client can easily edit the content and receive appointment requests, client information, and questions. In the CSS, I added a lot of comments and labels to make it sensible to somebody who is not familiar with code.
This is the first website and brand that Eleven Eleven Salon has had, as they are a new salon. I wanted it to be practical and well-designed, not something that was trendy and would go out of style in a year or so.
The style guide is intended to guide future designers and editors and maintain the same brand that I created. I think they will find it helpful for years to come.
Senior Showcase
I was able to display my project to Cal Poly students, faculty, and visitors at the Graphic Communication Senior Showcase.