As the Visual Marketer for the Cal Poly University Store, I created all of the print and digital advertising material, as well as marketed products and programs.
Social Media Accounts
I managed the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts for the University Store from November 2017 to January 2019.  Find my work for those sites @calpolystores.

The Instagram feed during my time at the University Store. I wanted to maintain a cohesive color theme that represented the store and Cal Poly.

Apple Tech Center In-Store Advertising

I worked with the technology department of the store as well as Apple representatives to create a large poster to promote back-to-school offers in-store.

Mustang News Full Page Advertisement

This advertisement was printed in an edition of Mustang News, our campus newspaper. Over 5,000 copies were distributed throughout San Luis Obispo.

Counter Mat Insert

I designed four different advertisements (similar to the one above, but advertising different aspects of the store) that were placed under clear mats at each cashier at the store. All customers who purchased something from the store used them.

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